What We Grow


Keeping with the tradition of the former business owner, Carlton Wingate, Blantyre Station specializes in unique ferns.


Blantyre Station offers a wide variety of annual blooms, grasses, vines, and hanging baskets. Although this changes annually, see a more detailed growing list below.

Vegetables & Herbs

We, also, offer a wide variety of spring and fall vegetable starts. This includes many different varieties of tomatoes and peppers.


Beauty year after year! Come by to see our perennial selection!


Hanging Baskets

  • Ferns: Boston, Macho, Kimberly, Rabbit's Foot

  • Foliage Baskets: Ivy, several Wandering Jews (Inch plant) varieties, mixed foliage baskets.

  • Flowering Baskets: Lantana, New Guinea Impatiens, Bougainvillea, Begonias, Calibrachoas, and many more!

  • Lots of varieties of hanging baskets!

Begging Annuals

  • New Guinea Impatiens

  • Petunias

  • Geraniums

  • Begonias

  • Zinnia

  • Cleome

  • Coleus

  • Marigolds

  • Much, much more!

Veggies & Herbs

  • 30+ Tomato Varieties

  • 30+ Pepper Varieties

  • Spring & Fall starts (cabbage, kale, broccoli, etc)

  • Summer starts (squash, zucchini, canteloupe,

  • Herbs - basil, lemon grass, sage, thyme, lavender and many more!


  • Coneflowers

  • Rudbeckia

  • Sedum

  • Leucanthemum

  • Peony

  • Astilbe

  • Coral Bells

  • Dianthus

  • Homestead Verbena

  • Blanket Flower

  • Much, much more!